Nokia Lumia 1330 Rumors

Nokia Lumia 1330 Rumors 

Rumors have appeared recently within the smartphone world that the Nokia Lumia 1320 can get a sequel. The new smartphone ought to be known as the Lumia 1330. many of us remarked the Nokia Lumia 1320 because the poor man’s phablet. compared with the Lumia 1520, it solely shared its screen size of vi inches, however the opposite specifications were downgraded. The Lumia 1320 contains a HD show with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, whereas the Lumia 1520 contains a Full HD show with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also, the flower 800 chipset from Qualcomm used on the Lumia 1520 has four cores running ar two.2GHz whereas the Lumia one320 has Qualcomm’s flower S4 processor with 2 cores clocked at 1.7GHz. The rear camera on the Lumia 1520 has twenty megapixels and therefore the back camera on the Lumia 1320 contains a modest five megapixels. These square measure the explanations the Lumia 1320 was known as the poor man’s phablet.

The rumors regarding the Lumia 1330 mention a five.7-inch show with an equivalent HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels because the Lumia 1320. On the processor facet, the Lumia 1330 are additional powerful with Qualcomm’s flower four hundred chip with four cores, followed by the Adreno 305 graphics chipset. The Lumia 1330 are equipped with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal cupboard space. There ought to be lots of improvement once it involves the Lumia 1330’s cameras. The camera on the rear of the smartphone ought to have fourteen megapixels with the PureView technology. On the front panel, we have a tendency to expect to examine a camera with five megapixels.

Sources reveal that the Nokia Lumia 1330 ought to be formally announce at Mobile World Congress in March next year. It ought to launch with Windows Phone eight.1 GDR2 mobile OS. in keeping with the rumors, Microsoft ought to supply four totally different versions of the Lumia 1330. These versions ought to be tagged as RM-1062, RM-1063, RM-1064 and RM-1065.

Let us wait till March and see for ourselves if the rumors were true or not. What does one believe the specifications of the Nokia Lumia 1330? Did you expect additional enhancements otherwise you suppose the aforesaid ones square measure enough to get rid of the label “poor man’s phablet” from it?.

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