[Last Chance] AWS Online Tech Talks

AWS Monthly Webinar Series

AWS Tech Talks are a selection of live online presentations that cover a broad range of topics at varying technical levels. These webinars feature technical sessions led by AWS solutions architects and engineers, live demonstrations, customer examples, and Q&A with AWS experts.

Featured Sessions

Optimize MySQL Workloads with Amazon Elastic Block Store: Dive deep on deploying MySQL on Amazon EC2 with Amazon EBS.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence on AWS: Implement and use deep learning in the cloud.

Introducing Amazon Lex: Learn about the capabilities, benefits and features of Amazon Lex.

DNS DDoS Mitigation using Amazon Route 53 and AWS Shield: Reduce your DNS DDoS risks and application downtime.

Getting Started with AWS IoT: Learn how AWS IoT makes it easy to connect to the cloud.

Best Practices for NoSQL Workloads on Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS: Dive deep on deploying NoSQL on Amazon EC2 with Amazon EBS.

Best Practices with IoT Security: Introduce best practices for IoT security in the cloud.

Migrate from SQL Server or Oracle into Amazon Aurora using AWS Database Migration Service: Migrate from a commercial database into Amazon Aurora to improve application performance and decrease database costs.

Deep Dive on Elastic File System: See live demos and learn tips and tricks for optimizing your file storage on EFS.

How to Prepare for AWS Certification and Advance your Career: Prepare for an AWS Certification exam, walk through a practice question, and hear tips for exam success.

Deep Dive on Amazon Redshift: Run your data warehousing with Amazon Redshift and analyze all of your data using your existing business intelligence tools for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Deep Dive of Flink & Spark on Amazon EMR: Deploy and scale Apache Spark and Flink clusters on AWS.

Consolidate MySQL Shards Into Amazon Aurora Using AWS Database Migration Service: Learn how to scale your MySQL database at reduced cost and higher elasticity, by consolidating multiple shards into one Amazon Aurora cluster.

Best Practices using Amazon Polly: Learn some tips for building a speech-enabled app and get the most out of Amazon Polly—the text-to-speech service.