Refine Your DevOps Strategy


Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies and Improve Time-to-Market
The AWS Cloud provides companies with the scale and agility they need to meet customer demand. Each organization has its own unique environment, but all are faced with the challenge of decreasing time-to-market to stay competitive. AWS and APN Partners provide tools and expertise to cultivate enterprise-wide adoption of DevOps best practices to automate, secure and monitor your organizations' workloads.
Learn how Chef Automate can help you embrace DevOps and implement a continuous deployment pipeline for your infrastructure and applications, as well as testing for compliance and security.

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Find out how VirtusaPolaris and AWS can help your company cut costs and increase the reliability of your infrastructure.

Discover how Loggly's logging and monitoring tools provides actionable insight that enables engineers to assess the root cause of problems and increasing application availability.